Driving westward, into the future, from starting in Burlington, VT in late December 2009, and ending in Berkeley, CA about 10 days later.


9 Jan 10

My Last 5 Tweets

  • Hello from… well, I don’t know how many feet up because an idiot tried to bomb *Detroit* of all places. But hello from Virgin flight 358.
  • (Sure, I can’t get wireless at Andrew & Ethan’s in Berkeley, but on my flight home, voila.)
  • Not sure if ability to tweet make turbulence better or worse
  • Also, pilot says “It is currently zero degrees in Boston, but they promise to have some degrees there when we land.” #awesome
And I’m done. But seriously, this would be pretty awesome if I weren’t counting on getting some sleep in the next five hours. See you on the other side. - Mary, from her flight to Boston (yes, mid-air.)

California Massachusetts Virgin America in the air

Day 9 (01.06.10)

After a chilly night in a poorly heated motel room, We started our morning by running across the street to the American Flyer Coffee Co. where Kristen had her first real cappuccino since leaving New Jersey. After clearing the ice (!) from the windshield, we took a shortcut on I-40 over to Historic Route 66 which we took from Ash Fork to Kingman.

From Kingman, an industrious but ultimately depressing diesel-gray town, we took US 93 north through Arizona toward Neveda. Kristen describes this section of highway as “there used to be mining here.” We passed two or three historical markers which seem to be Arizona’s gravestone for ghost towns. We headed toward mountains in a typical Western straight line (an odd concept to us New Englanders) and wound our way through the hills and curves. When we came to a sign for Willow Beach it seemed like a nice time for a break so we drove down a valley and were treated to a view of Black Canyon and the perfectly clear waters of the post-Grand Canyon, post-Hoover Dam Colorado River.

After that, it was back up the road and river to US 93 and the Hoover Dam! I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a damned fine dam. We ate lunch overlooking Lake Mead and admired the bridge being built to relieve the increased Las Vegas-Phoenix traffic on the bridge, the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

After a brief souvenir stop, it was time for Vegas, baby! Smog-covered, trafficky, touristy Vegas. We parked for free at the Bellagio and took in the fountain show.

From there we walked down The Strip to the MGM Grand where we ate dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill (we had hoped for ‘wichcraft, but it closed 10 minutes before we arrived, curses). We had a chance to enjoy the full neon of Las Vegas as we headed back to the car and then out of town so we could arrive at Death Valley Junction (or as Garmina knows it, Highway 190 & Highway 127) and our hotel by our 9 PM check-in.

no, let me sum up Arizona Nevada California no Route 66

7 Jan 10


IN BERKELEY. That means we made it! Internet evades us right now, but we wanted to let you know we were in safely. More updates tomorrow.

California we did it woohoo!

*looks up* Oh hey, hi BART!

California on the road

Gah, fog. Must be in the Bay Area.

California on the road

On to 580 at Tracy! Very exciting to be close to our final destination! About an hour to go.

California on the road

Passing through the Sierra Nevadas. Mountains straight up on both sides of us.

California on the road

Out of the shadow of Death Valley and back in the land of cell coverage.

California on the road